Aug 7, 2018

Don Jose Heights Clubhouse

Originally built in 1983, the Don Jose Heights clubhouse in Quezon City was renovated in 2012 (after 29 years) to accommodate the lifestyle of its growing community.  By the time you read this, the booking list for special events such as weddings, birthdays, and reunions are already laid on their calendar as far as 2 years in advance.

Event organizers see it is a nice blank canvass, where they can easily decorate to their design motif.  Ample parking space, seals the deal for many people who want to use the clubhouse for special occasions.

Don Jose Clubhouse

However, after being renovated back in 2012, there was still a missing piece to accommodate the basic needs of homeowners during association meetings, elections, and yearly Christmas parties.  A proper sound system.

According to Don Jose Subdivision President Dr. Rene Ramas, when the Board of Directors have meetings on weekends, they could hardly understand each other due to the bad acoustics of the new clubhouse.  This is the result of a lot of reflective surfaces (glass walls and tile floors) which bounces the sound around the place creating unwanted echoes which interfere with sound intelligibility.

I was witness to the bad acoustics of the clubhouse, when we were doing a survey, I could hardly understand a word my sound technician was saying, who was just standing on a 10-foot ladder over my head.

When Dr. Rene Ramas invited Audio Artist Manila, he wanted to make sure that the installation of a new sound system will meet the following criteria: 
  • A sound system for speech with good sound intelligibility
  • A sound system that can provide an even sound no matter where you are seated
  • A sound system that is sweet sounding for background music during parties
  • A sound system with both wireless and wired microphones
Audio Artist Manila listens and values the needs of its clients.  Let me take you on a visual tour:

The Bose FreeSpace DS100SE arrived on the set.  While competitors scrimp on a number of speakers just to win bids at a low price, we at Audio Artist Manila believe in satisfying our customers
by providing an even sound no matter where you are seated.

We use Panasonic EMT pipes to hide our wires.  UL certification makes it an industry building standard for safety.  Quality installation requires quality materials.

White colored Bose DS100SE speakers were chosen for a seamless blend in aesthetics.  

With proper placement and angle of the speakers.  We were able to achieve high sound intelligibility throughout the whole space.

Custom built patch panel for wired microphones using genuine Neutrik XLR chassis connector.

Genuine Neutrik XLR cable connectors were used for top notch quality.  Made in Liechtenstein.

At the heart of the audio system is a Bose FreeSpace DXA2120 Digital Mixer/Amplifier and a TOA multi-media player. 

Sound system settings can be locked so no changes are accidentally made once the system has been configured.

Sound Test using a USB flash drive loaded with high resolution MP3 audio files (320kbps).  Enjoying Boz Scaggs "Heart of mine" with my favorite drummer John "JR" Robinson on drums.  The sound is great that I usually find myself air-drumming to the beat.

You can choose whatever music source you like:  USB flash drive, CD, SD MMC card or FM radio.

Four (4) balanced inputs are enough to accommodate a few microphones, and a multi-media player.

Genuine Shure SVX/PG58 wireless microphone.  According to Dr. Ramas, "effortless, long range, natural voice".

Shure SM58 wired microphone is the industry standard among musicians.  A favorite among music artists such as Sheryl Crow and Iggy Pop.

Shure products have the hologram feature that indicates 100% authenticity.  Audio Artist Manila supplies only genuine audio products, beware of counterfeit products that will degrade sound quality.

The drapes were added by Interior Designer Anne Policarpio-Laqui, that doubles as acoustic panels.

The newly installed sound system blended well with the interiors that you hardly notice the speakers on the wall due to its white color.

The audio system design checked all of Dr. Rene Ramas' criteria, and we didn't forget to make sure that it was easy to use, reliable, with a robust installation method that will last and be witness to many joyous occasions at Don Jose Heights Clubhouse.

Thank you for trusting Audio Artist Manila!

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